How to enable Cloudflare on your domain

Cloudflare is a service that provides protection against denial-of-service attacks and smart caching that speeds up the delivery of your site worldwide. Normally, this requires a fair amount of work, but here at Porkbun, we make it ridiculously easy to set up Cloudflare with only a few clicks.

Please note:

This easy Cloudflare service only can be enabled if you are already using our nameservers. If you aren't using our nameservers, the option will not appear. To change to our nameservers, you can follow this guide: How to switch to Porkbun's Nameservers

How to quickly enable Cloudflare on your domain:

Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. If you're already logged in, click on ACCOUNT in the top-right corner and select Domain Management.
Click the Details button to the far right of the domain you want to enable the Porkbun Cloudflare Nameservers. In the domain Details area drop-down, select "Enable" next to Cloudflare.

A pop-up will appear asking "Are you sure you want to migrate your Porkbun DNS to Cloudflare?". Click the blue "OK" button to continue.

⚠️️ Warning:

A full migration due to DNS caching may take up to 48 hours. While we anticipate no downtime during this process, some downtime may occur in rare instances.


After clicking the "OK" button, the feature should take a moment to load. Once it is done loading, you should see the Authorative Nameservers change to Cloudflare nameservers, as well as the Cloudflare icon next to your domain. You will also see the "Powered by Cloudflare" logo underneath CLOUDFLARE in the domain Details area.

Next, locate and select the Edit link for your Porkbun DNS, which should be right above your new Porkbun Cloudflare nameservers.

In the MANAGE DNS RECORDS window, locate the two default Porkbun ALIAS records. It may say or
On the far right of those records, under the Options column, locate the little Cloudflare cloud icon.
One by one, click those Cloudflare cloud icons. You will be asked if you are sure you want to toggle Cloudflare proxy on. Click the blue "OK" button.

You should now see the Cloudflare cloud icon you selected as orange. Repeat the steps for the other Cloudflare cloud icon.

That's it! Your hosting is now protected by Cloudflare. If you wish to disable the feature, simply click the "Disable" link next to CLOUDFLARE and then select the blue "OK" button asking if you are sure you want to disable your DNS on Cloudflare and move back to your previous name servers:

Please note:

Our easy Cloudflare option should not be confused with creating a Cloudflare account and assigning nameservers you get from Cloudflare. If you're in the latter boat, you can follow this guide to assign Cloudflare nameservers: How to change your nameservers

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