How to host Handshake TLDs on Porkbun

Getting Started

So you want to host your Handshake TLD, create subdomains, and all that goes with it but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck, because Porkbun is now proud to offer Handshake TLDs. 

The first thing you’re going to need is a Handshake TLD. To get one, head on over to and find one you like. Then, create an account and add enough HNS to purchase it. Once you have your Handshake TLD, find it in your Domain Dashboard and click on the “Manage” button. 

Now we’re ready to get things configured so that you can host it over at Porkbun.

Add Blockchain DNS Records

In your account, locate the "Blockchain DNS records" section.
You’ll be creating four NS records using the IP addresses of the Porkbun name servers. We’re basically telling the world to check those name servers for DNS records related to your Handshake TLD. Make your settings match what’s shown in the following image and you should be good to go.
Proper blockchain DNS record configuration to point your Handshake TLD at Porkbun’s name servers.
Now is the waiting game. It can take 6 hours or so for things to get sorted on the blockchain. You can check progress by going to, searching for your Handshake TLD and clicking on it in the results. Once you see the IP addresses listed there, you should be able to add your Handshake TLD to Porkbun.
Using the TLD carbrands as an example, your root zone records at should look something like this. The main thing you’re looking for is the four GLUE4 records with the correct IP addresses listed.

Add Handshake TLD to Porkbun

Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. 
Click on ACCOUNT in the top-right corner and select Add Hosting Only Domain.

The ADD HOSTING ONLY DOMAIN popup should appear:

Enter your Handshake TLD into the domain name field and click the “Submit and Verify” button. If things on the blockchain are not ready yet, meaning your NS IP addresses are not propagated, you’ll get an error message.
If things are not ready yet you’ll get an error message that looks something like this. As you can see, Porkbun already knows you’re trying to add a Handshake TLD.

If your NS IP addresses are propagated, you’ll get a success message stating that you are adding a Handshake domain and this is an experimental alt-root domain. 

You’ll get this message upon success, letting you know that it’s a Handshake domain and that things may not work as you’d expect, etc, and whatnot.

After you select the blue "OK" button, the page will then redirect so that only the domain you just added is shown in the Domain Management console.

There it is, a Handshake TLD sitting in a Porkbun account. Looks good, doesn’t it?

If you want to configure your Handshake TLD for subdomains, you'll want to follow the next couple of steps.

Adding a Handshake Subdomain to your Handshake TLD

We will need to create NS records at Porkbun for the subdomain we want to create.
Locate your Handshake TLD domain and click the "Details" button list to the right. In the domain Details area that appears, click the "Edit" option next to "DNS Records"
In the Manage DNS window, we’re going to add four NS records, one for each of Porkbun nameservers. For our example, ford.carbrands, we’ll enter the following for the first record:
  • Type: NS - Name server record
  • Host: ford
  • Answer:

You will be shown a warning message saying you probably don’t want an NS record. Select the blue "OK" button to continue. Repeat the step above 3 more times, changing the Answer each time to a different Porkbun nameserver:


Your “Current Records” section should like something like the image below when all is said and done.

Properly configured NS records for a Handshake subdomain on your own Handshake TLD.
Now that we have the NS records configured, we can add the Handshake subdomain to the Porkbun account just like any other domain. Close the DNS management window and click on the “Add Hosting Only Domain” link again. 
This time we’re going to add the subdomain, ford.carbrands in this case.
Enter your Handshake subdomain into the domain name field and click “Submit and Verify”.

If all goes according to plan you’ll see the warning message about this being a Handshake domain again and then the page will redirect to the domain management console.

There it is in all of its glory, a Handshake subdomain in your Porkbun account.

You can use this same method to create other subdomains as well. You can also add web hosting! Just remember, to resolve your Handshake domain, you’ll need a browser plugin or make some network DNS adjustments. You can read more on’s article: how to access Handshake domains.

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