How to set up your email address in Microsoft Outlook for MacOS

Want to be able to send and receive emails at your Porkbun-hosted email address? If you're a Mac user and you're using Microsoft Outlook for Mac*, here's how:

Create an email address using your domain.
Open Outlook. From the Outlook menu, select "Preferences."

In the "Outlook Preferences" panel select "Accounts."


At the lower right corner of the Accounts panel click the Plus + icon and select "New Account."

On the "Set Up Your Email" screen, type in your Porkbun email address and click "Continue".


Outlook will think for a moment and then display "Sorry! We couldn't find a match." Select the IMAP/POP icon to continue to the manual setup screen.

Here you'll need to specify some additional settings manually:
  • Type should default to IMAP.
  • Email address and Username are both the full Email Address.
  • Enter the password you created.
  • Incoming Mail server is
    • Port: 993, Check "Use SSL to connect."
  • Outgoing Mail server is
    • Port: 587, Check "Use SSL to connect."

Click "Add Account."

Click the "Done" button to complete the setup.

That's it! Outlook for macOS is now configured to send and receive from your custom email address.

*These instructions were made using Microsoft Outlook 2019. While these settings should work for older versions, the interface may look different from the screenshots we provide here.

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