How to cancel an outbound transfer from Porkbun

Have you initiated a transfer to another registrar and now you are having second thoughts? No problem! You have five days from the transfer submission date to cancel the transfer and can do so right from your Porkbun account.

Login to Porkbun. You should be taken to the Domain Management screen. If you are already logged into your account, click your username in the upper right and click Domain Management. Click the "Details" button next to the domain you want to cancel the transfer for.  Finally, click the "Approve/Deny" link next to Registrar Transfer.
Click the Green "Reject Transfer Out" button to cancel the transfer.  You will receive a pop-up message to confirm.

Congratulations on your decision to stay with Porkbun!  Upon cancellation of the transfer you may or may not receive an automatic refund from the transferring registrar, so we recommend contacting them with any questions about a refund.

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