How to view your invoices

If you need to view or print a receipt, you can do so on the Orders page. We'll show you how!

Log in. This should take you to the Domain Management screen. Once you're logged in, click on ACCOUNT in the top right, then select View Orders.

This should take you to the Orders page. More recent orders are listed at the top. You can view the Order Date on the right. Click the order number of the order you wish to view. This will open a new tab with the receipt. 
The receipt should have Porkbun's information, the registrant information, order ID, date, and payment method listed at the top.
If for any reason you need the word "invoice" on the page, you can achieve this by adding /invoice to the end of the URL in your browser. 

Still have questions? Contact support to see if we can answer them for you. 

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