How to connect the Site Builder to the Weebly Mobile App

If you would like to access your Weebly Site Builder on a mobile device, we offer a way to do so through the Weebly Mobile App.  While we do not offer a direct login to the Site Builder it is possible to connect to the App through Porkbun if you are on the Starter Plan or higher.  Let's get started!

First, search for and download "Weebly by Square" from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.
Now, open up your mobile browser (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android) and navigate to Click the Hamburger Menu (☰) and click Sign In to login to Porkbun.
From "Domain Management," click the green house icon to access the Site Builder Portal.
Click the "Continue Building" and then "Let's Do This!" buttons to login to the Site Builder.
Finally, click the "Edit Site" button to open the Site Builder editor.  You should be prompted to edit your site in the Weebly App. Click "Download in the App Store" to proceed.  Click "Open" when prompted to "Open this page in Weebly."
If all goes well, your site should open in the Weebly app.  If you find yourself having issues signing in, try first signing into the Weebly app with a free account and then signing into the Porkbun Site Builder using the above steps.
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