How to use cryptocurrency at Porkbun

Want to purchase your new domain with cryptocurrency at Porkbun? We got you covered. This guide covers the steps to add a domain to your cart and checkout using cryptocurrency.

Log in to your Porkbun account. Once logged in, find the domain you are looking to purchase and add it to your cart
Select the cart in the upper right-hand corner, with the price of your new domain showing.
On the checkout page, select the blue "Continue to Billing" button.
On the Billing Information pop-up that displays, select the Crypto tab to the far right.
On the Crypto tab of the Billing Information pop-up, please read over the rules and terms for using cryptocurrency to credit your Porkbun account. Some important things to note when sending cryptocurrency at Porkbun:

  • You cannot send crypto on alternate blockchains such as the Binance Chain. For example, when sending USDC from an exchange such as Binance, you must send USDC ERC20 tokens to an address on the Ethereum blockchain. If you send Binance's pegged version of USDC to an address on the Binance Chain, we will not receive it, and you will lose your crypto. You always want to double-check that you are sending the correct crypto on the right network.
  • There are no refunds on any crypto payment.
  • There is a 10% fee added to the amount you send, except for USD Coin. Your cryptocurrency will be converted to USD, minus the fee, immediately upon confirmation based on the conversion reported by CoinBase.
  • If .com or .net domains are currently discounted, that discount cannot be applied when purchasing with account credit/cryptocurrency.
Once you have read the details of our cryptocurrency policy, click on the "Buy Account Credit Now" button.
You will be redirected to the Coinbase Commerce page for Porkbun. Select the cryptocurrency option you would like to use.
Use the wallet address of the crypto option you chose or scan the QR code displayed.

Once you have correctly sent the cryptocurrency, you should see a Thank You message with your payment status. 
Now, we wait. It can take  24 hours before the cryptocurrency shows as an account credit within your account, although the amount will often only take about an hour or so to show.
You can see your balance on the Account Settings page under the Billing Information section or by visiting your Account Credit Details.

Going back to your cart, select the blue "Continue to Billing" button again.
Now, in the Billing Information pop-up, you should see your Account Credit automatically selected and applied to your purchase. You can complete your order by selecting the blue "Pay Now" button.

There you have it! Now you won't feel chained to using only a credit card, PayPal, or Alipay on Porkbun.

Please Note:

If you do not see the account credit posted within 24 hours, please contact our support team with the transaction hash so we can investigate.

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