Why does my domain name price increase after 1 year?

Porkbun domains are only slightly marked up from wholesale, which is how we're able to offer consistently low prices to our customers. We pass on any discounts offered from our wholesalers ( registries) directly to our customers.

However, the wholesale price offered to Porkbun on renewals from the registries is often a lot higher for the second year than the first. Registries offer low first-year wholesale prices to encourage new registrations, but usually do not provide discounts on renewals.

Thus, even though the price is sometimes higher in the second year, Porkbun's second year price is usually one of the best (if not the best) in the industry. We're so confident of our pricing, we offer a price comparison chart in the domain search to allow you to compare Porkbun's pricing to the competition. 

Below, you can see an example of our pricing chart (prices not current).

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