How to report a website or service that is not accepting a TLD

Some websites or services may not be properly configured to recognize and accept new TLDs such as .design. If you encounter such a service, you can make a report to the Universal Acceptance Steering Group to have them look into the issue on your behalf.

How to file a report

Before submitting a report, first collect as much evidence of non-acceptance as possible. This can include screenshots of the website or service not resolving the name, or the email client not recognizing your email address.
After collecting evidence, visit and select "Log Issue" from their menu.
Fill out the form to the best of your ability, including your name, your email address, and a valid phone number. For the subject, consider being specific e.g. "iOS app MyNonCompliantApp is not accepting a .design email address"
For the description, be as specific as possible, including the website or service name, where you're entering the URL or Email Address that it is not accepting, the device or platform you're using including any version info and any actions you've already taken such as contacting the website or service directly.
Include the URL or Website of the service, as well as an Application Name if applicable. Finally, attach any screenshots or other evidence you collected of the acceptance.
You may also check that you wish to remain anonymous, or that you authorize UASG to share the specific information in your report with the parties related to the app or service you're reporting. Finally, enter the captcha and hit Submit.
An example of a well-formed UA report
You should receive a confirmation of your response in your email, as well as any follow up communication. UASG will then try and contact the website or service owners and pressure them to update their services to recognize all TLDs universally. They may not end up with a resolution in all cases, as it is dependent upon the service provider to pursue an update to their platform, but rest assured that you've helped make the world a more Universally Accepted TLD place!
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