How to filter spam with your Porkbun hosted email

No one likes getting a bunch of spam in their inbox, especially when it's sent in bulk from the same email address. 

If you have a Porkbun hosted email address, however, we provide a method to better filter your spam. Through our Webmail client, we have installed a plugin to filter spam emails from certain email addresses as well as emails that contain certain subject lines. 

Let's get started!

Log in to Webmail at
In Webmail's interface, select the Settings gear icon on the left-hand side.
In the Settings menu, select Filters.

On the Filters screen, you will see the following options:
  • Filter: You can specify whether you want the filter to be from, to, or cc'd a certain sender, have a certain subject line, or is generally marked X-Spam-Status, X-Spam-Status, or X-Yandex-Spam in the headers of the message.
  • Contains: This is where you would input the specific email address or subject line you want to block from sending you spam.
  • Check folder: Email folder the filter is being implemented.
  • Move to: Email folder you will be moving the spam to once detected.
  • Messages: Determines if the filter would apply on All, Read, or Unread messages.
  • Mark messages: Assigns the spam message as either unread or read.

Once you have inputted all the rules you want for your filter, select the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the options. The filter will be automatically applied.
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