What are IDN domains and how do I register them?

Want to register a domain name with non-English-language characters? This is permitted using a special type of domain known as an internationalized domain name or IDN domain. 

IDN domains, unlike regular domains, are encoded using a special encoding scheme called Punycode. Punycode converts the non-English-language characters into a series of letters that stand in for the non-English character. You can recognize an IDN domain in its raw form because you’ll see an "xn--" in front of it. So möbelträgerfüße.lol becomes xn--mbeltrgerfsse-gfb8xwd.lol. You can use the site Punycoder.com to convert your IDN to Punycode. 

Due to the experimental nature of this technology, it's a little trickier than normal at Porkbun to register IDN domains. You'll need to first navigate to the TLD/domain extension page when trying to register an IDN domain so that you can select the language of the IDN. Let's get started!  


Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. If you're already logged in, go to our domains products page

On the domains products page, find the TLD you want to register for your IDN. 
For example, if you wish to register a .com domain, you can select the letter C and be directed to all TLDs that start with the letter C.

Select the TLD you want to take you to the main TLD page.

Alternatively, you can type the TLD you want in the URL bar. Just type in porkbun.com/tld/[insert TLD you want].
Once you are on the TLD page, type in the IDN you wish to register. You can use the special characters within the domain name or enter the converted Punycode.

Click the pink magnifying glass to the right of the domain search bar.
Before seeing if the domain is available, you must select the IDN language for your domain. An IDN LANGUAGE pop-up will appear, where you can choose the language for your IDN.  Select the blue "Continue" button to continue.
You will be redirected back to the TLD page, where you will see if your domain is available or not. 

If it is, you can select the pink "+" sign to add the domain to your cart, where you can finish checking out.

There you go! You have now registered your brand new IDN. As they say in Pig Latin, avehay unfay!

Please Note:

Porkbun supports emoji IDNs, as long as the TLD supports it. The current TLDs that support emoji IDNs are: .fm, radio.fm, and radio.am.

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