How to set up your email address in Mail for macOS

Want to be able to send and receive emails at your Porkbun-hosted email address? If you're a Mac user and you're using Apple's official Mail client for macOS, here's how:

Create an email address using your domain.
Open Mail. On the Mail menu, select Add Account.

On the "Choose a Mail account provider…" window, choose "Other Mail Account…"

On the "Add a Mail account" screen, under Name, enter your name as you want it to appear in the From header of emails you send. 
Under Email Address, specify your new Porkbun hosted email address. Password is the password you created when setting up the email address. Select the blue "Sign In" button to continue.     

Mac Mail will think for a moment and then display an "Unable to verify account name or password" error. You'll need to specify some additional settings:
  • User Name is your full email address (not just the part before the @ symbol). It should match the Email Address field.
  • Your Porkbun hosted email password will be automatically filled. If it's not, specify the password from the previous step.
  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server:

Select the blue "Sign In" button to continue. 

Finally, you will be asked which apps you want to use with your Porkbun hosted email address in Mac Mail. 
Uncheck "Notes" if you don't want your Porkbun mailbox to be used for Notes. Click the blue "Done" button to finish the setup.

That's it! Mail for macOS is now configured to send and receive as your Porkbun hosted email address.

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