How Long Will It Take for Changes to DNS to Show Up?

While everyone wishes changes to their DNS configuration appeared worldwide instantly, in practice, DNS can be slow to update.

Time it takes for a change to a Porkbun-hosted DNS record to update worldwide: 

five minutes.

Modifications to an existing record take some time before they’re live everywhere. In order to save bandwidth, DNS servers will continue to serve out a “cached” or saved version of your old configuration until the “TTL” of those records runs out.

TTL is short for “Time To Live” or the maximum number of seconds a DNS server should ever cache your records, although some DNS servers ignore the TTL and cache for longer. Porkbun DNS allows a minimum TTL of 600 seconds or ten minutes. 

Time it takes for a brand new DNS record to resolve worldwide:

five seconds.

Usually, when you add a new DNS record via Porkbun’s Domain Management console, it resolves everywhere moments after you click “add.” 

However, if you attempted to resolve an address that wasn't already in DNS before you added the record,  name resolution may continue to fail on your computer (and yours alone) for a few hours due to a phenomenon known as  "negative caching."

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