What happens if I let my domain expire?

If you allow a domain to pass its expiration date without renewing it, your domain faces deletion. It’s easy enough to lose track of an upcoming domain renewal, which is why we recommend Porkbun users turn on auto-renew and attach a credit card to their account. But in case you didn’t and your domain expires, it's not too late to get your domain back if you catch it in time.

Your domain will continue to resolve ten days after it expires. It can be renewed at no additional cost for the first 30 days. For days 31-60, the domain can be redeemed for $120. From days 61-65, it will be "Pending Delete" and can no longer be redeemed. On the 66th day, it will be released to the public at which point it can be re-registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here's some additional details:

How long Porkbun's nameservers will continue to resolve DNS requests after a domain has expired:
10 days.

We understand that lapses in registration happen, so our servers will continue to respond to DNS requests for the first 10 days of the Auto-Renew Grace Period to prevent service interruptions if there’s a few days’ lag before you renew your domain.

Length of Porkbun’s “Auto-Renew Grace Period”:
30 days.

The Auto-Renew Grace Period begins the moment your domain expires. This is the first of two grace periods. During this first grace period, you can renew a domain without incurring an extra redemption fee on top of your renewal cost. Please note that other registrars may have an Auto-Renew Grace Period of zero days. The permitted maximum for a registrar is 45 days.

Length of the “Redemption Grace Period” for all registrars, including Porkbun:
30 days.

This 30 day window kicks in right after the end of the Auto-Renew Grace Period, so for domains registered at Porkbun, this 30 day window begins the 31st day after your domain has expired and extends to the 60th day.

During the Redemption Grace Period, you can no longer renew your domain for free. Instead, you can “redeem” (get back) your expired domain for an additional fee. Porkbun sets this fee at $120 in addition to the normal renewal price, which you’ll still need to pay. If your domain has been expired for more than 30 but less than 60 days, contact support@porkbun.com to agree to the $120 fee and begin the redemption process.

At the end of Porkbun’s Redemption Grace Period, it will have been 60 days since your Porkbun-registered domain expired. Your domain will enter “Pending Delete” status.

Length of the “Pending Delete” period following the Redemption Grace Period:
five days.

Once your domain is marked Pending Delete, there’s no turning back. All you can do is wait five days at which point your domain is released to the public and anyone can register it.