How to use the Site Builder

Porkbun has partnered with Weebly to bring you a powerful website builder that is available for a three-month free trial with any domain registered at Porkbun. The Site Builder allows you to create powerful, professional sites with dynamic and easy-to-use drag & drop tools. For a complete list of features and available upgrades, check out our pricing guide.

Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. If you're already logged in, click on ACCOUNT in the top-right corner and select Domain Management.
In the block of icons to the right of your domains, click the leftmost icon that looks like a house. It will appear grey if you've never used the site builder before.
If you haven't set up a site yet for this domain, you'll be asked which kind of hosting you want. For the free trial of the Site Builder, click the "Continue" button under "Sitebuilder."

Then click "Start Trial" to start a 3 Month free trial of the Basic Plan.  You can also click on one of the other plan options if you'd like to opt into a higher paid plan.

If you've already used the site builder before, you'll instead get this window. Click "Continue Building."
A window will pop up asking you to confirm. Click "Let's Do This!"
A new tab will open and the site builder will load. This may take a few moments. 
On the next page, click "Edit Site" to continue the set-up.
If you haven't used the Site Builder before, you'll be asked "Do you want to sell online?" Most customers will want to select "Not Now." Don't worry, you can always change to the online store option later.
Now you can browse and select a theme for your site. Themes can always be changed later on. 
Once you select a theme, you can create your site. Click the "Publish" button in the top right corner and the site will go live. 

Unsure what to do next? Weebly has created a video guide that shows how to get started with your new site:

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