If I transfer a domain to Porkbun, will I lose any existing months or years of registration?

No, your existing registration will transfer to Porkbun when you transfer in your domain, plus we add a year of registration.

For instance, if you have six months of registration left before your domain expires, you'll have 18 months of registration after you transfer the domain to Porkbun.

There is one rare exception, which is this: if your domain expired at your old registrar and you renewed it there after it expired instead of transferring it to us first. If you do that, for up to 45 days after, if you transfer that domain to us, your registration might not be extended for a year. This is because in this scenario, your old registrar  gets a refund from the registry and the additional year of registration is taken away. It's then immediately added back on by Porkbun, putting the total additional registration at one year instead of the two you might expect. In this scenario, we recommend you contact your old registrar and ask for a refund for the renewal. However, your old registrar is under no obligation to issue it.

We know, it sounds too weird to be true. Don't believe us? Check out this article in a competing registrar's knowledge base that backs us up.