If I transfer a domain to Porkbun, will I lose any existing months or years of registration?

Nope! You won't lose any existing months/years of registration and we add a year to your registration at the moment of transfer.

For instance, if you have six months of registration left before your domain expires, you'll have 18 months of registration after you transfer the domain to Porkbun.

The exception

Even though your existing registration should always transfer in, there is one scenario where your registration won't be extended by an additional year. If all of the following happens, your registration won't be extended:

  1. Your domain expires at your old registrar 
  2. You renew it at your old registrar
  3. You wait fewer than 45 days from the day it expired or fewer than five from the day you renewed it
  4. You transfer your domain to Porkbun (or any other registrar)

Due to arcane industry billing practices, your old registrar gets a refund from the registry and our industry regulator considers the additional year you paid for at your old registrar "canceled." Porkbun adds an additional year of registration, however since the year you paid for at your old registrar has been canceled, no net registration is added.

In industry jargon, this is known as "transferring a domain during the Auto-Renew Grace Period." 

Your old registrar may be willing to pass the refund they receive from the registry on to you. We always recommend contacting your old registrar to ask for a refund in this scenario. Depending on their policies they may or may not provide one.

If you transferred a domain away from Porkbun in the above scenario, please email support@porkbun.com to ask about a refund.

We know, this is an industry practice so odd, it may seem as if we're making it up. Want more proof? Check out this article in a competing registrar's knowledge base that backs us up.

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