What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a publicly-searchable database of domain registration information. If you're curious about who owns a domain,  ICANN provides a WHOIS lookup service which you can access here. We understand that most folks don't want their contact information to be made public, so Porkbun employs a free WHOIS Privacy service called Private By Design. WHOIS Privacy hides your actual contact information from the public. It is enabled by default for all Porkbun-managed domains and can be toggled by clicking the "eye" icon in Domain Management.

A typical WHOIS record contains:

  • The name, street address, email, and phone number contacts for:
    • The domain's registrant (owner)
    • The domain's administrator
    • The technician responsible for the domain's operation
  • The domain's current registrar
  • The domain's registration and expiration dates
  • The domain's official status (a status of "ok" indicates the domain is ready for transfer)
  • The domain's current authoritative nameservers

In the case of a domain with WHOIS Privacy turned on, your private information is hidden and replaced with the following contact information:

Name: Whois Privacy
Organization: Private by Design, LLC
Mailing Address: 500 Westover Dr #9816, Sanford NC 27330 US
Phone: +1.9712666028
Email: (instead of your actual email address, a privacy link is provided that will take users to a secure contact form. Once the form is filled out, the message is sent by us to your email. )
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