How to Connect Your Domain to Afternic

Porkbun is proud to support Afternic's fast-transfer service. According to Afternic:

  • Fast transfer domains are listed with the largest domain resellers, so more potential buyers see it.
  • Fast transfer domains can be transferred immediately, which buyers love because they get immediate control of the domain after they buy it.

Connecting a domain to Afternic is a little tricky, but we'll show you exactly how. If you're looking for a simple, low-fee way to sell your domains, consider listing them on Porkbun's domain marketplace instead of or in addition to Afternic.

To enable fast transfer on a domain, you must add the domain at Afternic, then opt-in to fast transfer at Porkbun.

Adding your domain in Afternic

Log in to your Afternic account. In the sidebar click "Portfolio" and "Add Domains."
Enter the domain name you would like to add and click "Continue."
Enter a Buy Now, Floor, and Minimum price to proceed. A Minimum price is required to add the domain.  Click "Submit Domains" to continue.
This will add the domain to your Domain Portfolio. You may edit the asking price, as well as change the listing status from this page.
Next, you'll be asked to review your listings. If you need to edit the listing in any way, click the green "Edit Listings" button. If all seems good with your domain listing, click the green "Submit for Processing".

Opting-in to Fast Transfer

Now let's enable Fast Transfer at Porkbun to complete the listing.

Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. If you're already logged in, click on ACCOUNT in the top-right corner and select Domain Management.
On the Domain Management page, locate the pink button that says "Manage Pending Fast Transfer Opt Ins":

Alternatively, check your  email inbox for an email with a “View Domains Pending Opt In” link:


Clicking the link will take you to Afternic Fast Transfer Opt In page. You'll see the domain that’s queued to be opted in for Afternic Fast Transfer.

To Opt In, select “Opt In” and click the pink "Submit" button.

That's it! Your domain is opted into Afternic Fast Transfer. If someone purchases this domain via Afternic, the transfer to the new domain owner will happen automatically.

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