How to Transfer a .UK Domain to Porkbun

We know how difficult it can be to transfer a .uk,,, or domain from one registrar to another. Unlike other types of domains, the .uk family of domains is  pushed by the old registrar to the new one. By contrast, .com is pulled from the old registrar by the new one.

Despite that, we've created a smooth transfer process in .uk domains. It's a bit of a bodge that involves adding your domain first as an External Domain (even if you're not hosting with us). 

In doing so, we can verify you're the domain's owner before the domain arrives. This eliminates the annoying, insecure manual verification process seen at other registrars. Here's how to get started:

Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. 

Click on ACCOUNT in the top-right corner and select Add External Domain.

In the box that appears, scroll past the blue message at the top, and type in the domain you wish to transfer to Porkbun, then click Submit. 

Look for the section in the blue box that appears that reads DNS Ownership Verification. 
Add the TXT record that appears at your current DNS host (probably your registrar or web host). The hostname (sometimes called a subdomain) will be bun-verify and for the answer or response, use the value listed under Answer in the blue box (this is how we prove you are the domain owner.) 
You may need to contact technical support at your current registrar or web host to add this TXT record. Then click the pink "Submit and Verify" button in the Add External Domain window:

Once the domain has been added as an External Domain, there are only two remaining steps to be completed at your old registrar: First, unlock the domain, then assign the IPS tag,  PORKBUN, to finish the process.

Are you transferring from GoDaddy? Click here to read GoDaddy's article about transferring a domain away. Take special note of step 4 when you input  PORKBUN as your IPS tag.

Are you transferring from Namecheap? Click here to read Namecheap's article about assigning the PORKBUN IPS tag.

Wait for our email. A few minutes after successfully applying the PORKBUN IPS tag at your old registrar, your External Domain will be converted to a normal Porkbun domain, and we'll email you to let you know. 

Congrats, your .uk domain is now registered at Porkbun! Please note that since Porkbun did not charge you to transfer your domain, we don't add an additional year of registration. If your domain is close to expiration or has expired, here's how to renew it now.

Do I Lose Domain Registration Time If I Transfer My Domain?

One of the most common questions we get from registrants (that’s you) is, “do I lose domain registration time if I transfer domains?” The good news is no, in most cases you won't! In fact, you won't lose any existing months/years of registration, and we add a year to your registration at the moment of transfer.*

Please Note:

There may be some exceptions to this, like in the case of .de domains which are billed monthly by the registry even though they're registered and renewed in year-long increments. Porkbun essentially agrees to pay the registry for a year's worth of domain registration time. Still, on a technical level, .de domains can never have more than a month of registration.

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