How to migrate your WordPress site in Porkbun's Easy WordPress

Porkbun’s Easy WordPress has all your hosting needs covered. Simplify and streamline your site with easy-to-install plugins — blazing speed and trusted security are always prioritized. If you are going to host WordPress on the ’Bun, Easy WordPress is the obvious choice.

If you want to move your current WordPress website to Porkbun's Easy WordPress, we provide a simple solution with the help of the All-In-One WordPress plugin. 

You will want to export your current WordPress site from your old WordPress web hosting. We recommend installing the All-In-One WordPress Migration plugin and following their steps to export the website from your old web host.
Next, go to and log into your Porkbun account. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. If you're already logged in, click on ACCOUNT in the top-right corner and select Domain Management.
On your Domain Management screen, select the green icon that shows the Easy WordPress logo. If you haven't set up your Easy WordPress hosting yet, please do so by following this guide.
Log into your Easy WordPress account with Porkbun via the Easy WordPress login page or the green "Direct Admin Login" button.
Once you are at the Easy WordPress admin console for your domain, you will want to install the All-In-One Migration plugin.
You can do this by going to Plugins in the side console, select Add New, then search "All In One Migration" in the plugins search bar. When you see the All-In-One Migration plugin, select the "Install Now" button and the blue "Activate" button once it has been installed.
You will also want to install the All-In-One Migration File Extension plugin. To do that, download the All-In-One File Extension by selecting this link.
To upload the  All-In-One Migration File Extension plugin, go to your Easy WordPress admin console. Once there, go back into the Plugins section and select Add New. On the Add Plugins page, select "Upload Plugin".

Click on “Choose File” to select the .zip file that you downloaded from the link.

Navigate to the folder location where you saved the zip file. Select the “” file and click “Open.” Once uploaded, select "Install Now".

Once the plugin has been successfully installed, select the blue "Activate Plugin" button.

Please Note:

All-In-One Migration File Extension plugin increases the upload limit of your WordPress website to 512 MB. For websites larger than 512 MB you may purchase a paid Unlimited Extension here.

Now that both plugins are activated, you are ready to import your WordPress website into Porkbun's Easy WordPress. Go to the All-In-One Migration plugin page, which you should be able to locate on the sidebar of your Easy WordPress admin console.

In the sub-menu, select Import.

On the Import page, select the green "Import From" button and then select File.

This will jump-start the Import process, where you should see a taskbar showing the percentage of your website being imported.

Please Note:

Depending on the size of your website, the import process could take hours. If you are not seeing your website imported after a couple of hours, please contact support.

Once your site is imported into Easy WordPress, a warning will pop on the screen letting you know that all current content will be overridden by the website you are importing. Select the green "Proceed" button to continue the import. 
After selecting the "Proceed" button, keep the window open as the All-In-One plugin finishes the process. Do not close this window until it is finished, or else you could have to restart the import. 
Once that is done, you should see a message that says "Your site has been imported successfully!". Select the green "Finish" button and publish your site to see it live.

That's it! Now you have successfully migrated your WordPress site over to Porkbun Easy WordPress.

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