How to set up Static Hosting

If you need to host static content such as HTML, CSS, JS, etc; our blazing-fast Static Hosting service is here for you. Static hosting is great for simple websites, content that changes infrequently, or custom-built HTML sites. Here's how to purchase and upload a static site.

Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. If you're already logged in, click on ACCOUNT in the top-right corner and select Domain Management.
Locate the domain to which you wish to add hosting. To the right of the domain is a block of icons. Click the house that is the leftmost in that block.
On the next screen, click "Continue" under "Static Hosting." 
On the next screen, choose how you would like to be billed. You'll save some money if you choose annual billing. Regardless of your plan, clicking the "Start Trial" link will automatically begin a 15-day free trial.
Once the Static Hosting account is created, you'll be shown a page with FTP credentials. Copy and paste the hostname, username, and password into your FTP client. You can copy the password using this icon: You can click the "eye" icon to reveal the randomly generated password. You can generate a new, random password by clicking the "Change" button.

Alternatively, you may package your site files in a zip file and use the "Upload Zip File" button to upload it to your site. You can also use the simple editor to upload or modify your files.

Please Note:

The file size upload limit for our static hosting is limited to 40MB.

That's it! Your Static Hosting account is now active. If you have any questions about how the Static Hosting plan works, feel free to contact us via the Help bubble or email

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