Hosted email vs. email forwarding

Want to add a custom email address for your domain? We offer two ways to do it: Hosted email and email forwarding. What's the difference?

Hosted email

Hosted email is an email inbox on our servers. You get a professional-looking email address of your choice, or you can purchase multiple inboxes to give everyone at your company their own address, for instance: alice@mypretendbusiness.example, bob@mypretendbusiness.example, info@mypretendbusiness.example. Hosted email:

  • Allows you to send an email from your custom address. With email forwarding, you can only receive emails sent to your custom address.
  • Can be accessed via Porkbun's webmail interface at, via an email client such as Mail for Macintosh and iPhone, or via a hosted email service such as Gmail.
  • Has 10GB capacity
  • Costs $2/month

Sound good? Check out our article on how to get an email inbox for your domain:  How to set up a hosted email account.

Email forwards

Email forwards simply send mail to an existing email address. Any replies you send won't show as having been sent  from your custom email address, they will have a "From:" address of the email address you forwarded to. However, email forwards are free! If an email forward is all you need, you get twenty free forwards per domain.

Sound good? Check out our article on how to set up your email forward address:  How to set up email forwarding.

You can also purchase one hosted email account and forward several aliases to it. For instance, purchase support@mypretendbusiness.example then use free email forwards to make tech@mypretendbusiness.example, info@mypretendbusiness.example, and jeff@mypretendbusiness.example all forward to support@mypretendbusiness.example.

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