How to transfer a domain to Porkbun with little to no DNS downtime

If you are transferring your domain to Porkbun, and are worried about a gap in DNS service, there are a few solutions. First up, if your domain already has nameservers assigned that will continue to answer DNS requests after transfer (for instance if your web hosting company's nameservers are assigned to the domain) your DNS will still work at Porkbun after the domain arrives. Why? Because we keep the current nameserver assignment in place when your domain transfers in to Porkbun. 

So, if your assigned nameservers will keep working after transfer, you don't need to do anything to keep DNS working! Transfer away! 

HOWEVER: if your currently-assigned nameservers will cease functioning after the domain transfers over (for instance, if you've assigned your old registrar's nameservers) then DNS requests for your domain will stop resolving after the domain transfers over. If you find yourself in this category, fear not, we have a workaround: rebuild your zone at Porkbun and assign our nameservers before the transfer commences to ensure no DNS downtime.

Rebuilding your zone and assigning Porkbun nameservers before transfer

Prior to initiating the transfer with Porkbun, be sure your domain is locked before proceeding, otherwise the transfer may commence before you have an opportunity to complete the remaining steps. If it's not locked, lock it before purchasing the transfer from us.

Purchase your transfer with Porkbun. For more specific instructions on how to do so, check out  this article on general transfers. You can find more specific transfer instructions from our  Transfers Knowledge Base Page.

Next, you will want to return to the transfers page. From there, select the black gear icon under the section labeled DNS next to the domain you are transferring.
Now, re-build your zone (your domain) with all the records necessary for the operation of your zone. If you're transferring from your old registrar, you can go into their DNS area and copy over the records one by one until your domain looks the same in our DNS servers as it does at your old DNS host.

Next, you will want to update the nameservers at your old registrar to the ones we use at Porkbun. These are the ones you will want to use:

Wait up to 48 hours before confirming the transfer, so the nameserver records have time to update (if you want to be 100% sure). Porkbun is now hosting your DNS, ahead of transfer!


Confirm the transfer by unlocking the domain at your old registrar, and clicking the confirmation link if you received a confirmation email from Porkbun. Next, log into Porkbun and check the Transfer page to make sure the transfer is actually active. If it's not, you can re-start it from the Transfer page. Please note the process of starting the transfer back up can take 20-30 minutes. Congrats! Once the domain arrives at Porkbun, it will already be pointed at our DNS servers and the nameserver change will already be updated! You may even be able to expedite the transfer if your old registrar allows it.

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