How to save even more by paying with ACH Bank Transfers

Porkbun is famous for its low prices on domains, but there's a way to save even more. When you pay via an ACH transfer from a USA-based bank, you can usually save over 3% on every domain registration, renewal, or transfer in your order. This option is ideal for domain investors or anyone who owns higher-priced premium domains.

Click here to check out our special reduced "ACH Only" prices.

Please note: the discount does not apply to Porkbun services such as web hosting, aftermarket domains, or domains purchased through the marketplace.

Turning on ACH payment for your account

To get the ACH discount, Porkbun needs to designate your account "ACH Only." If you choose your main account, this means normal payment via credit cards and PayPal will be deactivated and you'll only be able to add funds via ACH. 

Still want to occasionally use credit cards or PayPal? Instead of making your primary account "ACH Only," you can quickly create a subaccount of your primary account and ask us to designate the sub-account "ACH Only." Log into your subaccount to register the domains at a discount, or stay in your main account if you want to pay with your credit card. You can always push domains back into your parent account once they're registered.

Once you've decided which account you'd like to set to "ACH only," send us an email, or secure message via the Help button on requesting we convert an account to "ACH only."

Setting up your "ACH-Only" account

Once you've got an account designated as "ACH-only", it's time to wire over some funds and register your first domain. 

Log in. You should arrive at the Domain Management screen. Click on ACCOUNT in the top-right corner and select Account Settings.
Under Billing Information on the Account Settings page, find the blue "Add Bank Account" button under Bank Account and select it. 
In the ADD BANK ACCOUNT box, enter the ACH Account Holder name, then select the Account Type. Next, enter in the Routing and Account Number for your ACH account. When you're done, click the pink "Submit" button. 
Back on the Account Settings page, you will see that the bank account has been added to your Porkbun account.
Finally, check your ACH account for two deposits made by Porkbun (these amounts will reverse in 24 hours). Click the blue "Verify Bank Account" button and in the menu that appears, enter the two deposit amounts that were in cents as whole numbers. For example, instead of putting $0.32, put 32. 
After you input both those deposit amounts, lick the pink "Submit" button to fully verify your ACH account.

Now that your "ACH-Only" account is fully set up, you can purchase Account Credit with it.

Buying with your "ACH-Only" account

On the Account Settings page, find your "ACH-Only" payment method under Billing Information. Click the pink "buy with bank account" button.
A pop-up will appear titled "BUY ACCOUNT CREDIT". Enter in the amount of Account Credit you want and click the pink "Submit" button to confirm.
After your ACH payment is fully processed, it will appear under Account Credit under Billing Information. You can also view it by logging into your Porkbun account and going to The credit will automatically be applied when you go to check out.

That's it! You can take a peek at this "ACH-Only" pricing page to take advantage of those sweet "ACH-Only" deals with your shiny new ACH Account Credit. 

⚠️️  Warning

ACH payments take up to 5 business days or a total of 7 days for your order to be verified and for the account credit to be added to your account. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support. 

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