How to use Domain Management

Our Domain Management page allows you to add more domains to register, manage your current domains, and even add-on domains to use our web hosting services. Here are all the features you can expect to see on your Domain Management page:

  1. Register a new domain: Looking for more domains to register? You can do so by entering the domain you are looking for in the bar below "REGISTER A NEW DOMAIN" and select the magnifying glass icon. You can also use our bulk search tool to search for multiple new domains to register at once! 
  2. Search for a current domain in your Porkbun account: Have a bunch of domains? Would it take too long to scroll through them all to find a specific one? You can simply search for a domain you already have registered with us by using our search tool above the domains you have listed. Just type in the domain you want and select the pink magnifying glass icon next to the search bar.
  3. Use labels to filter domains: Want to filter out your domains by a label? You can do so by selecting the pink "FILTER BY LABEL" tag icon next to the search box, then creating a new label or selecting an already created label. Once the label is selected, only domains with that label will show up on your Domain Management page. 
  4. Add an external domain: Want to keep your domain registered with another registrar, but use our web hosting? If you already have a domain registered or added with us, you will see  "+  Add External Domain" to the far right of the search bar on the Domain Management page. Select it and a pop-up window will come up. It will ask you for the name of the domain you registered at another registrar, as well as information on our nameservers so you can configure them on your registrar's side. 
  5. Bulk Actions: If you need to make changes for multiple domains at once within your Domain Management, you can do so via our Bulk Manage tool. Check out our guide: How to use Bulk Manage to modify several domains at once

The following can be found all on the row of your domain:

  1. Apply labels to domains: Just like the tag icon above your domains, this tool can be used to actually apply the tag to a specific domain, so it can be filtered out. To apply a label to filter the domain with the "FILTER BY LABEL" tool, select the pink tag to the left of the domain name. From there, you can either select "create a new label" to create a new label or select a label that has already been created. 
  2. SSL Certificate: The SSL certificate can be seen in the "Details" section of your domain, or you can see find it with the shield icon to the left of your domain. Check out our guide: How to use your free SSL certificate
  3. Name of the domain and ways to view it: Want to make sure your domain is resolving to your Porkbun or 3rd party web host? You just need to locate your domain name under the "Name" column, then select the pink external link icon to the right of the domain name. This will open up a new tab, where your domain will automatically show in the URL bar and attempt to load.
  4. Porkbun Web Hosting: To the right of the domain, you will see a block of icons. The first icon to the right of the domain is a house. Depending on if you are hosting with Porkbun or not, the background for the icon will be green or grey. Check out all our web hosting options: Porkbun's Web Hosting Options
  5. Porkbun Email Hosting: Need to get to your Porkbun hosted email page quickly? You can do so by locating the domain of the hosted email account and clicking on the envelope icon to the right of the House Icon. This will take you to your Porkbun hosted email page. where you can manage all things email hosting-related. For more information about our email hosting, you can check out our excellent email hosting category in our Knowledge Base.
  6. Renew Domain: If you are wanting to enable auto-renew or just manually renew your domain, the recycle icon in the middle of the block of icons is where you can quickly do it. Check out our guide: How to renew a domain
  7. Lock/Unlock Domain: If you want to transfer a domain out of Porkbun, unlocking your domain is the first step. Just click on the lock icon shown in the block of icons to the right of your domain and this will unlock your domain. Check out our guide: How to transfer a domain from Porkbun to another registrar
  8. WHOIS Privacy: Porkbun proudly offers WHOIS privacy for selected TLDs. In your Domain Management and to the right of your domain, you will see the eye icon in the block of icons. There, you can choose to redact or use the WHOIS privacy service for your domain. Check out our guides on WHOIS privacy: What is WHOIS? and New WHOIS privacy settings explained
  9. Porkbun Marketplace: The farthest icon to the right of your domain is the marketplace icon, which looks like a dollar sign. In the Porkbun marketplace, you can sell your registered domain to other Porkbun users. Check out our guide: How to add your domain to marketplace
  10. Domain Expiration: Every domain expires eventually, but we take the guessing out of it for you about when that is. If you look to the left of the Details button of your domain, you will see how many years, months, and days you have left on your domain. This will help you know when to renewal, besides all the great emails we send you.
  11. Domain Details: Anytime you want to manage your DNS or add GLUE records to host your own nameservers or need another path to renew your domain or access your hosted email, you can do so by clicking on the Details button and accessing the domain Details area. Check out our guide for all things domain Details area related: Domain Details area explained
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